Located at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort, Fire at the Ridge is a full-service restaurant serving up artfully-inspired regional cuisine. The fire is our passion, blazing fiercely in the heart of the mountains. It comes through in our food, our dedication to teach adventure sports, and our determination to create unique experiences.

Meet Kevin Cottle

Executive Chef Kevin Cottle has been to hell and back on the hit show Hell’s Kitchen. Currently, he leads the team at Fire at the Ridge and the Ridgeside Tavern, both located on the second floor of the lodge. As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and New England native, Kevin was exposed to cooking at a young age and brings his love for seafood and fresh produce into many of his signature dishes.

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Getting to know Chef Cottle

I wanted a dirt bike. So when I was 14, I got my first job as a restaurant dishwasher to pay for it. I guess you could say that a dirt bike was the reason I chose the culinary arts! The restaurant was a mom and pop place in my hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was called Daffodils, and it served Colonial style food. They had old maple booths, pewter plates and loads of stuff hanging on the walls -- typical old New England charm. I liked the chaos that was going on in the kitchen. There was one Chef and I would watch him push out food all alone. I thought that guy was really good at his job.

To me, that’s like asking a painter, “What’s your favorite color?” I enjoy so many different cuisines, but if I had to go in a single direction I would have to say seafood.

Hell’s Kitchen was a roller coaster ride of insanity. I made it all the way to the end, so I must have done something right for Chef Ramsay. I enjoyed the attention to detail he hammered on us. It makes every bit of sense when it comes to consistency. I loved the fast pace and the surprise turns.

I don’t really worry about trends. I try to play a little, of course, but my goal is to make incredibly tasty food in new and different ways. I try to stay simple with great quality food cooked to perfection and artfully served.

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities along the way and learned from each of them. It was an honor to cook for a jam-packed crowd at the annual “Soft Shell Crab Extravaganza” held at the James Beard House in NYC. I was also asked to cook my interpretation of a “New England Summer Dinner” at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Huron, Ohio. I was very influenced by this experience; the Culinary Vegetable Institute initiated the farm-to-table concept. Twelve years ago it was strange to see odd parts of vegetables and plants on a plate. I brought this concept back to Connecticut and have used sustainable agriculture as a cornerstone of my cooking philosophies ever since.

This is where I bring all my experiences together, to the mountain! I’m extremely enthused about creating two long-standing dreams of mine in one location. Sean Hayes and the team of investors at Powder Ridge are behind the launching of my American tavern vision, which will be The Ridgeside Tavern and an upscale contemporary restaurant, Fire at the Ridge. We want to create a destination for Connecticut.